the book is on the table

- of pijama stripes and a colourful life

Me mata de amooooooooooooor
Droga, faz 3 dias que eu não consigo tirar "Chupa que é de uva" da minha cabeça e_e

Agora comecei a pensar se fosse em inglês:

In your mouth I turn into fruit, suck it that it's grape, suck it, suck it, suck it that it's grape

DDDDDD: *puxa os cabelos*

Trust me
Title: Trust me
Pairing: Ni~yaxSakito
Rating: PG
Summary: Ni~ya's lodged at Hitsugi's house since Sakito threw him away. It seems there's a trust issue.
Disclaimer: I do not own either of them, but hey, dreaming is still tax free isn't it?
Author's notes: not beta-d nor English is my first language, so sorry for mistakes. Done for NiSaki Day 2011 at niyaxsakito .

lips shimmering in gloss that tasted like candyCollapse )


Do It
Title: Do It
Pairing: Ni~yaxSakito
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own either of them, but hey, dreaming is still tax free isn't it?
Author's notes: not beta-d nor English is my first language. Done for NiSaki Day 2011 at niyaxsakito . Can't say the prompts or it'll ruin the fic, you'll figure it out in the end :B


“Do it.” and Ni~ya wrapped his fingers around it.Collapse )


List of reasons for why Sakito hates Ni~ya
Title: List of reasons for why Sakito hates Ni~ya
Pairing: Ni~yaxSakito
Rating: PG (I think)
Disclaimer: I do not own either of them, but hey, dreaming is still tax free isn't it?
Author's notes: My first time posting a fanfiction on livejournal D: ah, and not beta-d nor english is my first language.
Summary: Probably it's what the title says :B

(Onto the fanfic...)Collapse )

The different types of flu... - a thought that came across my head
It seems that there's a new type of flu around...
The swine flu virus that seems to have taken over the world has evolved into anothe type of flu. The JRock flu.

Swine Flu: H1N1
JRock Flu: HichiNichi

Swine flu symptoms:

- Fever over 39ºC
- Headache
- Nausea
- Vomit
- Cough
- Runny or stuffy nose, etc.
- In serious cases it can lead to death.

JRock flu symptoms:

When seeing a picture of a JRocker:

- with nudity: fever over 39ºC
- where his new look doesn't please you: headache
- without makeup (and he's not as handsome as you thought he was. ex: Uruha from the GazettE): nausea
- with a woman: vomit
- with another JRocker (that you never thought of seeing him with): cough
- doing funny faces or poses: snort  (aka runny or stuffy nose)
- doing fanservice: it can lead to heart attack.

To prevent you from contracting this new virus, it's advised you stay away from suspicious websites on the internet or anything related to japanese music culture.
The virus is expanding and it's already been confirmed over 250.000.000 people infected around the world.
If you have any of the symptoms in the presence of anything JRock related, don't even bother to go to the nearest hospital.

... mm... yeah. Even I don't know what runs through my head. Just pretend I didn't even bother to think of this. That is, if somebody reads this. But isn't it truth that more and more people has come to like JRock?


Back again really quick *grin*

So I was wandering around the net. Actually reading fan fiction in another community when I saw a link to another live journal that sent me to another live journal and then again to another where they post translations to SCREW member's blog posts *-* and then I saw a post by Jin talking about Yuuto (realized also that Jin talks about Yuuto A LOT), well, about his underwear and pants and how they thought they were cool... Naughty Jin |D~ And he took a pic *-* that's almost like fanservice so I decided to post here aswell...
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New around here... *shifty eyes*

Wiii. First post. Probably nothing to say. Don't have any friends T.T ... lol

So I'll speak to myself.

First of all I feel very accomplished right now, because finally I did a livejournal account. I've been with this idea for about six months or so, since I really wanted to see something about... someone... but wasn't a livejournal member to see it. Sad. I remember I got grumpy for like the whole day, but too lazy to do an account xD Yeah, my very self is sad.

Then today, after I chased my laziness away, I decided to get my groove on that sounded really lame and resume and put in practice all my projects and ideas I have in mind since quite long ago.

And that's pretty much it :)

I still don't know how to work with this, but hopefully I'll learn how pretty soon.


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